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First Timer


Don't worry, we got your back! As soon as you step into our space you are part of our family. Here's a few information to get you through your first class.

We know that stepping out of your comfort zone can be nerve-wracking. What do you wear? How do the lockers work? What gear is needed? Who’s the cutest instructor? We’ll help you with the first few and let you decide on the last one.

We recommend
  • Arrive early for your first class. 30 minutes before class begins is ideal. First time guests , arriving with 10 minutes or less before class start, may not have enough time to properly prepare.

  • Bring indoor shoes. Bare feet are fine, but we strongly recommend shoes to protect your feet from weights we are using

  • Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. We have water dispenser on-site for your convenience

  • For our boxing class, gloves are provided but please bring your own handwrap or get one from our shop. These go on your hands before you put gloves on and are a personal item (we are unable to rent them for sanitary reasons)

  • Watch our How To Wrap Your Hands video! Our instructors and staff are also available to help wrap your hands. Wrapping hands takes less than 1 minute when you’re experienced but can take 5+ minutes if you are just learning.

  • We have lockers, shower room, and changing room to get you ready for your date! Do bring your own towel though

  • Consult your doctor if you have any previous injuries. Our trainers may encourage you to push yourself, but work at a level that is comfortable for you! 

  • Wear whatever you’d like to sweat in. Shorts? Sure. Super hero cape? Cool.

Booking your spot

You can book your spot directly with us here through our Whatsapp number. Walk-ins are always welcome but limited spots are available so booking in advance is highly recommended.

Every amazing adventure begins with a first step. Go ahead, click that book button. Start your workout journey with us

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